She Vanished 3 Separate Times And Hasn’t Been Seen In 4 Years

New York, New York. To go missing once is chilling enough, but going missing three separate times? That’s exactly what happened to Hannah Upp…and she hasn’t been seen since 2017.

Let’s start at the beginning, with the very first time Hannah up and vanished. Towards the end of August in 2008, Hannah was 23-years-old. She was living in New York City and working as a Spanish teacher.

The school year was about to start, but Hannah didn’t show up for it.

On Friday, August 29th, Hannah’s debit card confirmed she had gone by herself to see a movie at a theatre located in Times Square. Over that weekend, she was going to be in Philadelphia, visiting her mom.

But when Monday rolled around and Hannah didn’t come back to her Hamilton Heights apartment, her two roommates began to freak out, especially after they looked into her room and made a shocking discovery.

Hannah had left all her personal belongings behind. Her cellphone, her purse, her Metrocard, her passport, her keys were all there in the apartment, but Hannah was not.

Facebook; Hannah is pictured above

The police were quickly contacted to look into where she had gone. Hannah’s friends came together to hang flyers up around the city about her disappearance. Her mom came up from Philadelphia.

The media picked up her alarming story. All of New York City was on the lookout for this lovely young teacher who had to have been met with some kind of foul play.

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