She Started Experiencing Terrible Abdominal Pain And Then Doctors Told Her She Had Stage 4 Cancer

Los Angeles, California. What started as abdominal pain turned into a much more severe illness that would cost Jamie and her family thousands of dollars.

The pain lasted for two months, and Jaime was in and out of the hospital while doctors searched for answers. They conducted X-rays, a CT scan, and a pelvic biopsy.

Two months later, she was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer, which had progressed to stage 4.

“They found a large mass sitting on top of my uterus,” Jaime shared in her GoFundMe post. “They also found small nodules in my lungs that were suspicious.” 

The plan moving forward was chemotherapy, then surgery. First, doctors would remove the obstructing mass, then all Jaime’s reproductive organs. 

She decided to quit her job and focus on getting well. Jaime’s mother had lost her job during the pandemic and was also having difficulty adjusting to Jaime’s news. Though her mom got a new job, she decided to retire and help take care of her sick daughter. 

Jamie wrote how significant her mother’s sacrifices have been throughout her life.

“I’m very grateful that she’s here with me in this journey to support me in every way she could as a single mother. Her strength and presence gave me hope to fight.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Jaime

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