She Thought She Hit It Off With A Guy She Met On A Dating App, But Then When He Went On Vacation She Noticed He Added A New Photo Then Changed His Location

A 23-year-old woman met a 24-year-old guy close to two months ago through a dating app. They have been regularly going on dates since then, and they text one another every single day.

They also FaceTime several times each week and meet up in person about once weekly. After they meet up, they normally sleepover because they each live an hour away from each other.

“We’ve gone on great dates and even spent New Year’s together,” she explained. “He’s made it clear and been vocal about the fact that he really likes me and would like to continue getting to know each other and move towards a relationship and I’ve told him that I feel the same as well.”

“When the topic came up of whether we were seeing other people, we both said no and that we weren’t looking to.”

Well, she’s doubting that now because this guy is headed off on a vacation with friends of his, and several days ago she was back on Hinge, thinking about deleting her profile entirely.

While she was using the app, she saw that the guy she is dating updated his Hinge profile to include a new photo of himself, and he also changed his location to be where he’s going on vacation with his friends.

“I know he’s not my boyfriend but I can’t help but have my feelings a little hurt,” she said. “Maybe I took our conversation about not dating others wrong and it wasn’t an exclusivity conversation and I’m getting too ahead of myself?”

She’s not sure if this guy is wanting to have some fun while he’s away, but regardless of the reason why he updated his profile, she’s upset.

She genuinely believed they got along great, but she’s doubting how he feels about her and what his true intentions are with her since this really looks like he’s going away to meet women.

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