She Went On A First Date With An Older Guy Who Made Her Pay For Dinner

A 24-year-old woman started talking to an older guy on Hinge, who happens to be 32-years-old. This guy then asked her to meet up with him in real life and have dinner with him.

He picked out the restaurant, and he asked her to meet him there at a certain time, so she agreed.

Before she went on her first date with this guy though, she went online to look at the restaurant he booked for dinner, and she noticed everything on the menu was pretty expensive.

The evening of her first date arrived, and she made her way to the restaurant along with this guy.

When they got to the restaurant, they were informed that it was going to be half an hour before they could be seated, so this guy mentioned heading across the street to a bar so they could grab a drink before dinner.

“We ended up getting our appetizer there too since the wait was a bit long,” she explained. “I offered to pay for the drinks ( didn’t think he would let me) but he said it’s ok I could pay for the next (dinner I guess !?!).”

“The drinks and appetizer were 45, he paid.”

She had offered to pay for their drinks and their appetizer in the first place because she felt bad about him dropping a lot of money on their dinner.

Anyway, after he paid their bill, they made their way back across the street to sit down and have dinner together.

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