She’s In The Middle Of Planning For Her Wedding, But She’s Butting Heads With Her Fiancé So Much Over It That It’s Killed Any Excitement That She Had

A woman’s fiancé proposed to her a bit more than 3 months ago, and they have been dating for 12 years.

She’s very proud of everything she has accomplished with her fiancé during their relationship, like graduating college, establishing good careers, and even purchasing a house together that they both really adore.

They’re not planning on having children, but they are planning on having a wedding soon that’s going to be more on the smaller side.

She and her fiancé have discussed their wedding ideas prior to getting engaged, and she always thought that they were both on the same page about getting married at city hall, then having a party right afterward.

“Now that we’re actually planning the celebration, we’ve been disagreeing on so many things that I don’t even find this fun anymore and I just don’t care,” she admitted.

One of the biggest issues with their wedding planning process now is that her fiancé no longer wants to have any of their family members come with them to city hall.

Her fiancé thinks it’s fine for them to just go alone, but she’s not alright with this because she has 3 siblings that she’s extremely close to, and she wants them there along with her mom.

In contrast, her fiancé has no siblings and his mom and dad really are not social at all. In fact, her fiancé’s parents are totally fine with not even going to their wedding.

She thinks that her fiancé’s parents are good people, but they are totally anti-social and actually quite negative.

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