Her Purse Was Just Found, But She’s Still Missing After She Never Showed Up At The Airport To Pick Up One Of Her Loved Ones

San Diego, California. On Monday, April 11th, 32-year-old Nicole Marie Paré promised to pick up one of her loved ones at the airport.

However, Nicole was a no-show and her family quickly reported her as missing after she never made it to the airport for the pre-arranged pickup time.

Some of Nicole’s family members rushed to her home to see if she was there after she never showed up at the airport.

Unfortunately, there was no sign of Nicole and no sign of her car.

Nicole drives a 2017 white-colored Audi A5 with a license plate that reads CA 7VAZ668.

Facebook; pictured above is Nicole

Nicole was last known to be in the area of La Mesa before she vanished.

The San Diego Police Department took to social media to share the news of Nicole’s disappearance 19 hours ago.

Right after posting about Nicole being missing, the San Diego Police Department then posted an update on her case.

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