He Cried Over A Girl He Never Even Went On A Date With, And He’s Wondering If That Means He’s Not Ready For A Relationship Right Now

Even with them not having an official date, he woke up wanting to cry and had a lot of heartache. He tried just brushing it off, calming down, and moving forward. This was the most pain he’s felt in a while.

He texted her to ask if there were still going to meet up in the summer or if she wanted complete space from him.

He thinks that if they had gone on at least one in-person date things would have gone differently. She also hasn’t responded to his text yet.

With his emotions heightened as much as they were, he thought of her all day. Realizing that it wasn’t healthy, he tried distracting himself. This worked for a while until he went to bed and his mind was flooded with thoughts of her. Though he never went on a date with her, he got emotional to the point of tears rolling down his face.

Thinking about his reaction to a girl he never went out with, he came to the conclusion that he wasn’t ready for anything serious, at least not yet. He was very confused because he felt like he was ready for a serious relationship.

Since he started going to therapy, he’s been able to ground himself and handle rejection a little better. With this girl it’s different; this one hurts a lot more.

If this was me and I had put months into talking and getting to know someone, I would be pretty upset, maybe not as upset as he was, but still pretty upset.

Did he overreact and put too much into this “relationship”, or did he react as anyone else would have?

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