He Cried Over A Girl He Never Even Went On A Date With, And He’s Wondering If That Means He’s Not Ready For A Relationship Right Now

He didn’t approach her, but after months of not using the dating app he was on, he opened it up and, he matched with the cute girl a couple of days after.

“We instantly had a good connection, liked the same music, the same hobbies, almost everything I liked she liked, and we both had the same style,” he said.

“We quickly exchanged socials and started talking every day. I have never felt such a connection with someone, and I was genuinely interested in her, more than anyone I’ve gone on dates with in the past years.”

They talked for weeks about anything and everything they had in mind, and they also discussed their ideal date and even made a playlist for each other.

Despite having talked for 3 months they were never able to have an actual date. With her living an hour and 10 minutes away and him not having a car, that made things hard.

Putting this aside they both deleted their dating apps and continued talking.

About 2 weeks ago, they finally saw each other in person at a track meet. They were only able to talk for 20 minutes, and apparently, there were a lot of sparks between them.

There was a discussion of meeting up once summer break was upon them and they were both really excited.

She stopped replying after that though, and initially, he just thought that she had forgotten to reply.

“Well, this morning she told me that she’s not doing well with her mental health, and just does not want to pursue a relationship with anyone as of now. She was pretty clear on what she felt,” he explained.

He wants to believe that that’s honestly what she needs, but there’s a part of his old anxiety that thinks she’s lost interest in him.

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