Her Dad Doesn’t Want To Go To Her High School Graduation And She’s Hurt

In anyone’s mind, it may seem relatively easy to say, take the day off. Her parents are so heavily involved in the day-to-day duties that attending her graduation would mean closing the dining room and only offering take-out.

Her father thinks this is a horrible idea and wants to skip out on her graduation ceremony.

She was so hurt by the situation that she said, “I don’t understand why my dad doesn’t want to go.”

“We don’t have a bad relationship. Actually, our relationship has gotten better over the past couple of years.”

“He attended my middle school graduation with no hesitation, which I could care less about (I’m lying to myself, I still would’ve cried), but it’s not as important of a milestone as my HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION.”

Laughing light-heartedly, her mom announced her dad not wanting to attend her graduation with ease.

This, in return, made her extra uneasy as it was clearly evident her father had no intention of attending.

Feeling as though her parents are not proud of her for her accomplishment, she wants to tell them both to stay home instead of bothering to be there.

Knowing that her main goal was to go to school, get good grades, a career, and help support her family for all they have done for her, should she tell them how she feels?

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