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She’s The 13th Person In Over A Century To Survive An Extremely Serious Injury

On Sunday, May 15th, a tragic accident occurred while a family was driving home from a wedding in Newport, Rhode Island.

Anna and her mom may have saved their own lives as they made the decision to stay with their family a bit longer, which meant leaving later in the day with her grandparents.

Eliza and her father chose to leave early Sunday morning, and within 30 minutes of the trip, they had no idea their lives would change forever.

The father lost control of the vehicle, veered off the road and an embankment, then ultimately landed in a nearby brook.

Woken by a startling phone call from her father, Anna and her mother were hit with devastating news.

Due to the nature of the accident, Eliza was left in critical condition, which forced her to undergo emergency surgery to save her life.

“The impact of the crash caused significant abdominal damage,” Anna wrote on a GoFundMe page for her sister.

“The vena cava was torn from her liver, and her spleen was severed. After three surgeries in the last few days, Eliza has lost her spleen, gallbladder, and appendix.”

GoFundMe; pictured above is Eliza

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