Her Mom Bought Her A Prom Dress And Got Offended When Her Stepmom Purchased One That She Liked Better

eugenepartyzan - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A young woman graduated from high school 3 years ago and that November before she graduated, her mom bought her a $150 prom dress.

Back when her mom bought her the dress, she was in love with it. The dress was pretty tight and a deep, dark red color.

She does have body dysmorphia, so she likes to not wear any kind of clothes that are tight since it makes her anxious enough to often have panic attacks.

“I thought the red dress would be a good exercise in self-acceptance, but as prom got closer, I couldn’t deny the fact that I hated how I looked in it,” she explained.

“I genuinely wanted to like it and spent months trying it on almost daily to convince myself it wasn’t that bad, but I ultimately began dreading prom.”

She did ask her mom if they could go shopping for another dress that she felt more comfortable in, and her mom said yes.

Before she could go shopping with her mom, she hung out with her stepmom to celebrate her birthday.

Her stepmom gifted her $100 and then they started to talk about how she wanted to get a different prom dress.

Her stepmom said that she knew of a store that was offering 50% off of the prom dresses that they had and so, they both made their way over to the store to check it out.

eugenepartyzan – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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