She’s Dating A Guy 10 Years Older Than Her That Her Mom Completely Hates And She’s Not Sure How To Clue Her Mom In That They’re Together

“He does not have the privileged life that I do,” she said. “But, he is a smart person and he has his ambitions.”

Her mom knows all about how he grew up, and she will say mean things about that.

Her mom really looks down on him and even accuses him of basically being a loser.

Her boyfriend works very hard at his job, and he drives a school bus. He adores what he does, and she doesn’t see why her mom has to be so negative about that.

“He is great at it, he gets compliments from kids and their families all the time,” she continued. “Sure the money isn’t amazing, he practically lives paycheck to paycheck, but it’s not like he’s jobless and relies on everyone else.”

“He has a strong work ethic. It’s just very difficult without a degree to get anywhere, and like I said, he didn’t have the support to get through college like I do.”

“Without my parents I know I couldn’t get through college. She just thinks he’s this low-life person and that I’m better off without him.”

She really is in love with her boyfriend, and he’s a wonderful guy, but she’s not sure how to clue her mom in that she’s in a relationship with him.

Her boyfriend has brought up the topic of getting married, which she is not quite ready for, but that just goes to show how serious things are with them.

In a month, her boyfriend has expressed interest in coming to see her hometown and spend time with her family, but she’s struggling with how to tell him that her mom absolutely hates him already without knowing they’re together.

Do you think there’s a way for her to get her mom on board with her relationship, and do you think she should tell her boyfriend how her mom feels about him?

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