She’s Dating A Guy 10 Years Older Than Her That Her Mom Completely Hates And She’s Not Sure How To Clue Her Mom In That They’re Together

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A 23-year-old girl has been dating a guy 10 years older than her for more than 1 year, but her mom doesn’t know that they’re together.

Initially, she was concerned about dating him because of how much older than her he is, and she also was a bit worried about him already having a child.

Despite her concerns, she ended up in a relationship with him, and she originally met him where she goes to college.

Her college is located 6 hours from her hometown, so she’s easily been able to keep the fact that she’s seeing this guy from her mom and dad, though she has mentioned to her mom that they are friends.

“I never eventually told her it became more than that since I was unsure of where the relationship would go, and held off on telling her because of what I’m about to say,” she explained.

“My mom hates this guy. She only met him once when my family came up to help me with my apartment, they maybe talked for two minutes. She hates the friendship and doesn’t ever want me in a relationship with him.”

“She says “I’m not dumb enough to pursue him.” None of this she has ever said to my face. These are conversations I heard her having with her friends.”

The reason her mom mostly hates the guy she’s dating is because he grew up quite different than she did.

She’s from the upper part of the middle class, and in contrast, her boyfriend grew up in foster care and could not come up with enough money to go to college for more than 1 semester.

DragonImages – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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