This Thirty-Year-Old Mom Went Missing In Las Vegas After Fleeing Two Abusive Marriages

Camille Dardanes Dotson, born February 23, 1964, was raised by her upper-middle-class family in Chicago.

Then, at twenty-one years old, her life began to change after she fell for a man named Gary.

Gary had been convicted of rape in 1975. But, the alleged victim recanted their story, and he was released from prison. After reclaiming his freedom, Gary met Camille, who fell head over heels for him.

They quickly went from dating to marriage and then had a daughter, Ashley, together. And for a time, everything was okay– until Gary’s drinking problem manifested in abuse.

Camille was often on the receiving end of his behavior. On top of that, the couple also ran out of money, and Camille was forced to file for separation.

She took Ashley and fled to Las Vegas. But, with no work experience or college degree, Camille became a bartender.

Eventually, she also began dancing in Vegas clubs to support her daughter.

While in Nevada, Camille did meet another man named George. She remarried, but this relationship again turned into an abusive one.; pictured above is Camille

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