A Family Is Petitioning For Answers After A Cold Case Murder Over 30 Years Ago Continues To Result In Tragedy

In 1979, Catherine “Catrina” Mowrey decided to start fresh. She and her sister, Jo Ann, left their hometown in Kansas and moved to Dallas, Texas, to begin their next chapter.

But, on June 25, 1985, Catherine’s life was tragically taken from her. The Dallas Police Department received a report from an apartment complex employee describing a suspicious odor coming from a car parked nearby.

And upon investigating, authorities discovered twenty-four-year-old Catherine deceased in the vehicle’s trunk.

She was found wrapped in a bed sheet, and, upon first glance, police believed that she had taken her own life.

In fact, prior to launching an investigation and obtaining proper toxicology reports, authorities shared this hunch with the press– and even described their theory that the event was a drug overdose.

After obtaining toxicology reports, though, Catherine was found to have no drugs in her system.

Autopsy reports also revealed that the twenty-four-year-old had passed away two days prior to discovery.

Nonetheless, Catherine’s cause of death has remained “undetermined,” and lackluster police investigation has pushed the Mowrey family to take the case into their own hands.; pictured above is Catherine

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