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She Banned Her Nephew From Her Wedding After He Cut Up Her Wedding Dress

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This woman and her fiancé are getting married in two months and have had a blast planning the event.

But, the pair have also had to make some tough decisions– one being that they will not invite the woman’s nephew.

According to the woman, her nephew’s behavior has been out of control for a while. He does not listen to adults, cannot sit still, and is extremely disruptive.

The nephew has also been suspended from school multiple times, banned from other family events, and cannot hold down a steady babysitter because he is so hard to deal with.

But, the real reason why the woman decided to ban her sister’s son was that he messed with her wedding dress.

The woman is a fashion designer who decided to create her own custom gown. And one day, during the process, her sister showed up unannounced with her niece and nephew.

“I invited them both in, but I told them all not to go in my office since I was working on something in there– my dress,” the woman recalled.

But, while she was fixing up some snacks in the kitchen for the kids, her nephew snuck into the woman’s office.

Then, he did the unimaginable– the nephew took fabric scissors and cut up his aunt’s gown.

Shotmedia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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