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This Teen Pleaded With Her Parents To Let Her Get Plastic Surgery, And After They Proposed Getting Fillers Instead, She Feels That Her Face Is Ruined And It’s Entirely Their Fault

julialine802 - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 17-year-old girl has spent much of her life disliking the way that her nose is. She’s dreamed of being able to fix it and get a nose job for quite some time, and her parents finally agreed to let her get the plastic surgery that she wanted.

The fact that she began having problems breathing is what led her mom and dad to relent, and they promised to book her a nose job as a present for her 18th birthday.

They found a surgeon in Turkey to perform her surgery, and they had to make the appointment half a year in advance.

When the time came for her and her parents to fly to Turkey for the surgery, her mom and dad pleaded with her not to go through with the surgery and to instead wait one more year.

“As I said, this was my dream, so I didn’t want to back down, but eventually, their doubts poisoned my mind, and I ended up not going through with the surgery,” she explained.

“Of course, I instantly regretted my decision and broke down. I cried for 2 weeks straight and could barely get up out of bed. I cried so hard that I threw up almost every day.”

Her breakdown was so bad that her neighbors noticed and were so worried they showed up on her doorstep wanting to make sure that she was ok.

Her parents were also distraught over how she was acting, and they instead said that they would allow her to get fillers to help make her feel better.

So, she went through with getting fillers put in her nose and lips, and she also underwent a brow lift that was done with fillers.

julialine802 – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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