Her Best Friend Housesat For Her And Ruined Her Expensive Duvet, So She Wants To Take Money Out Of What She Was Going To Give Her To Pay For It

fizkes - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman has a friend named Bex that she’s been close to for 3 years, and she asked Bex to come to housesit for her last week.

She told Bex she would pay her $50 per day that she stayed at her house, and part of Bex’s duties while housesitting for her included walking her dog.

She also mentioned to Bex that she should sleep in her guest room, and so she left for her trip.

When she got back, she was surprised to see that Bex was really in a rush to leave, and Bex said on her way out the door that she could just PayPal her the housesitting money later.

“When I got into my room, it became very obvious that Bex slept in the master bedroom – my bed,” she explained.

“I was quite put off by this because I have a guest bedroom with a Queen bed which is more than sufficient, and I told her to stay out of my bedroom. Yes, the master bedroom does have a King, but that’s not what I offered her.”

“I immediately took the sheets off as she was packing up, and as I did, I noticed that there was something on the duvet cover near the bottom. It was nail polish.”

She phoned up Bex to inquire about what had happened, and Bex replied that she painted her nails and then passed out, so she got nail polish on it.

She then questioned Bex about why she didn’t tell her about the nail polish accident, and Bex pointed out that it was fine because she flipped the duvet over.

fizkes – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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