Her Best Friend Housesat For Her And Ruined Her Expensive Duvet, So She Wants To Take Money Out Of What She Was Going To Give Her To Pay For It

Although Bex thought this wasn’t a big problem at all, she sure did not agree with her.

“It is true the duvet has two “good” sides, but now my duvet has a bunch of red nail polish on it on one side,” she said.

“My duvet was around $250, and I have a receipt for it. I want to take the cost out of the pay I was going to send her with a copy of the duvet cover receipt.”

She was supposed to give Bex $350 for housesitting, but she stated to Bex that she did not want to give her the whole amount in light of what happened to her duvet.

She let Bex know that her duvet was pretty expensive, and she had asked her to sleep in the guest room.

“She says this was “a risk I took having someone stay in your home” and “she really can’t afford to have me underpay her,” and she even said that she would tell our mutuals I had stiffed her if I don’t pay her the full amount,” she continued.

Her response to Bex was that she only will give her $100 for housesitting after taking $250 out to pay for a new duvet.

Bex said some rude words to her before hanging up the phone.

“Personally, I would cover the duvet cost if she had wrecked my guest suite’s duvet,” she added.

“That one was $75, and it’s where I told Bex to sleep. But she ignored me, slept in MY bed, and ruined MY stuff without my permission to be there. She wrecked my duvet cover she should have been nowhere near.”

On top of the duvet incident, Bex smoked inside of her house and never walked her dog like she was supposed to (she has a video doorbell and could see Bex never did it).

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