Her Boyfriend Came Home From A Bar One Night With Lipstick On His Shirt So She Dumped Him, But Then One Of Her Friends Showed Her A TikTok Video That Has Her Questioning Everything

She accused her boyfriend of lying to her face, dumped him, and moved all of her things out of their place. Her boyfriend maintained his innocence, but she didn’t believe him one bit.

Well, yesterday night, she grabbed dinner with one of her friends, and she filled her in about breaking up with her boyfriend.

As soon as she informed her friend that the lipstick mark was what essentially broke them up, her friend looked pretty worried.

“…She gave me a concerned look and showed me a TikTok video of a girl at a club kissing random guys on the back without them knowing and leaving lipstick marks,” she said.

“Is this some sort of TikTok trend? As far as I can tell, the person who posted the TikTok is in Australia, but I live in Los Angeles.”

“The lipstick on my BF’s shirt was on the upper arm/shoulder area, so I suppose it’s possible someone could have come up behind him, kissed his shirt, and walked away without him noticing. I just never considered that to be a possibility.”

After dinner was over, she went home and couldn’t sleep one bit. She feels so incredibly guilty that she potentially made an enormous error by assuming her boyfriend wasn’t being faithful over that lipstick mark.

She’s thinking about reaching out to him over the phone or through an email, but she’s having a hard time finding the right words to say to him.

“Before the lipstick ordeal, our relationship was the best one I’ve ever experienced; it was healthy and supportive,” she continued.

“I realize in hindsight I may have treated him unfairly by not giving him the benefit of the doubt, and I said some nasty things to him when we broke up.”

“And there’s also a small part of me that wonders what if he did actually cheat on me after all?”

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