Her Husband’s Older Sisters Have Constantly Bullied Her, So She Finally Stood Up To Them And Called Them Both Out

So, the next time that her husband had a family party, she decided to stand up for herself for the first time ever.

“I told them that they did not have to like me, and they do not even have to like my culture. But, the constant disrespect masked as having a laugh was going too far, and I did not deserve it,” she said.

She also told Annie and Marie that they were acting no better than schoolyard bullies.

After the confrontation, most of her husband’s family jumped to her defense and supported her stand.

Still, though, the pair of older sisters thought her comments were very rude and apparently could not believe she would ever say that.

So now, even though the rest of her in-laws did not think she was out of line, she is unsure if calling the sisters out and causing the rest of the party to be a bit awkward makes her a jerk.

Do you think she should feel bad about standing up for herself? What would you have done in her shoes? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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