His Girlfriend Just Admitted That She Faked Her Pregnancy So He Wouldn’t Follow Through With Dumping Her

studioprodakshn - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old guy got fed up with his 23-year-old girlfriend several months back, and he was ready to end their relationship right then and there.

He knew that they were getting into fights about seemingly everything, and he was pretty much over it and her.

Right as he was about to dump his girlfriend, she shared some shocking news with him; she was actually pregnant and really did want to have this baby with him so they could build a family together.

So, instead of following through with his plan of dumping her, he felt it was best to hit the breaks on that.

“I always wanted to be a dad, and I was hoping her pregnancy would cause her to mature a bit,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, when we went to a doctor’s, he said he couldn’t hear a heartbeat and that she was faking the whole thing.”

“She initially said that she miscarried before admitting that she saw my text venting that I was planning to break up and that she faked her pregnancy to get me to stay and revive my feelings towards her.”

As soon as he learned that she lied about her pregnancy just to prevent him from dumping her, he walked out of their place and booked himself a room at a nearby hotel.

He’s wondering if he should stay with her or if this is reason enough to break up with her for good.

studioprodakshn – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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