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Her Boyfriend Asked To Split Their Bills 50/50 But She Said No And Claimed He Has Never Struggled A Day In His Life

Iona - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman recently moved into her boyfriend, Sam’s, apartment, but the couple has been encountering some difficulties since they each come from different backgrounds and earn very different salaries.

Sam grew up in an upper-class family and now, as an attorney, makes a generous salary every year.

On the other hand, the woman came from a middle-class family and supposedly makes “nowhere near as much [money] as him.”

“But I am still proud of my achievements and my struggles– which I don’t think Sam always understands,” the woman explained.

And just a few weeks ago, the woman decided to leave her job due to some workplace problems.

For the time being, she has also chosen not to actively seek out new job opportunities since she wants a break.

Instead, the woman plans to begin her job search again at the end of the year and supposedly told Sam this.

The lack of income does present a problem for the household, though, since the woman and Sam had previously agreed to split their monthly bills by income percent.

And she did have a large enough savings to cover her portion of the bills during her time off under this previous agreement.

Iona – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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