She Decided To Cut Costs By Moving Into Her Honda Civic

The average cost of living for a single person residing in the U.S. is nearly three thousand and two hundred dollars per month– adding up to just over thirty-eight thousand dollars a year, according to Upwardli.

And with inflation still running rampant nationwide, some people have decided to seriously cut back on expenses.

For one woman named Nikita Crump, this even meant moving into her Honda Civic.

“I could not afford to go out and get cheap food with friends. I was skipping meals to save money, and I was slowly and steadily going into debt,” Nikita began in one TikTok.

“So, I decided to cut my biggest bill out– rent. Money was the biggest factor, but my other motivators were that I like to be minimalistic, I like to be challenged to be resourceful, I like new experiences, and I knew growth would come of it,” she continued.

And since making the move, Nikita has created a TikTok account to raise awareness about her story and show people what life is like living in a vehicle.

“Today, I afford to live a happier life because of this lifestyle,” she explained.

Nikita has answered countless questions from her TikTok followers about her daily routine, how she finds places that are safe to sleep in, if she works, and more.

TikTok; pictured above is Nikita in one of her videos

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