She Received Creepy Messages From A Guy Through An Airplane’s Chat Feature While Mid-Flight

There are some people who have met their true loves on an airplane. This is because so many “meet cute” situations have happened between two people on the same flight.

Many of these interactions have started with two people talking to one another in the same row. But did you know that these days, a stranger on a plane can send you a message from their seat?

One young woman on TikTok named Georgia-May Davis (@georgiamaydavis) had a very interesting experience with an in-flight chat feature that made her go viral and had TikTok users reeling. 

In her TikTok video, Georgia-May filmed herself on the plane with the caption, “There’s no way this happened on my flight.” 

The video then pans to the screen on the back of the seat in front of her, where viewers can see that someone with the username “chad in 4C” messaged her using Air New Zealand’s Seat Chat feature. 

In a statement to Newshub, representatives for Air New Zealand wrote that the Seat Chat feature “is designed to support customers who are traveling together but are not sitting together.” 

The goal of Seat Chat is to allow friends and family that are on the same flight but not sitting near each other to have a conversation without having to get up from their seats. 

Unfortunately, Georgia-May received messages from an unwanted suitor.

TikTok; pictured above are some of the messages Georgia-May got from this guy

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