She’s Refusing To Apologize To Her Manager After He Screamed And Cursed Her Out 

While the man was waiting, though, her top boss walked by and told her to offer to carry the beverages.

She reiterated that they had both asked, and he laid off. And eventually, the man’s daughter arrived, and they both left with the drinks.

“But then, a team leader– the one who makes people cry– came over and told us off for not offering. Again, we said we did. And afterward, the manager and ‘team leader’ came over to tell us off again,” she recalled.

At that point, she and Jack were both really irritated by the lack of communication between their supervisors.

Still, though, nothing changed– because five minutes later, her top manager, David, apparently dragged her and Jack out of the restaurant and freaked out on them.

“He was literally screaming and swearing his head off about the fact we apparently did not offer, and I snapped. I said we had offered, we have been told off multiple times, but no one seemed to ask,” she explained.

Then, her boss had the nerve to yell again– and this time said that if she did not “like it,” she could “freaking leave.” So, she savagely did.

She literally turned around and just began to leave.

Then, when her manager remarked, “Off you go, go tell your freaking dad,” she turned around, smiled, and responded, “Of course, I will,” before finally leaving.

And since the incident, she does not feel guilty whatsoever. After all, her boss had treated her horribly.

Nonetheless, her boss has claimed that if she does not issue an apology, she will be subjected to disciplinary action.

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