The Teacher Pay Gap Can Range From 2% To 33% Depending On What State You Live In

Still, though, teachers’ compensation rates have a long way to go. Barring that slight increase from 2018 to 2019, the teacher pay gap has steadily increased for decades.

In 1996, teachers earned about six percent less compared to other college-educated workers. But, twenty-two years later, the average gap increased to a staggering twenty-two percent in 2018.

EPI researcher Lawrence Mishel underscored how the fate of the public school system and future generations’ education depends on properly compensating teachers for their work– which starts at the district level.

“In order to recruit and retain talented teachers, school districts need to address the inadequacy of teacher pay. It is not just a fairness issue. Eliminating the teacher pay penalty is crucial to building the teacher workforce we need,” Mishel said.

In fact, between February of 2020 and May of 2022, about three hundred thousand public school teachers left the workforce, and now, fifty-five percent of the remaining educators are also considering resigning, according to a National Education Association survey.

This signals a mass exodus crisis in dire need of attention and correction by elected officials.

To read the report’s complete findings, visit the link here.

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