This Plus-Sized Influencer Opened Up About The Mental Health Struggles Of Trying To Be Body-Positive

Olivia, a body-positive influencer and model from Toronto, Canada, has been tearing down stigmas surrounding plus-size women on nearly all social media platforms.

Known by her handle @Oliviasworld95, the influencer has attracted massive follower bases on TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

She often shares her perspective on all things beauty and style while encouraging followers to love themselves and be confident no matter what.

Still, Olivia is human and has her own self-love struggles like everyone else.

She recently shared how being body-positive is not always easy, especially due to how sought-after “thinness” is in our society.

“I don’t know if it’s just me or if every body-positive influencer on this app goes through this, but sometimes I feel like a fraud because there are days I have to go through mental gymnastics to get myself where I need to be mentally with my confidence level,” Olivia said in an Instagram reel.

“Like, I don’t wake up and think ‘I am the baddest b***** alive’ every single day,” she continued.

Instead, the influencer described how choosing to love herself is a daily effort. Olivia proactively works to unlearn toxic diet culture and anti-fat media but still falls victim to the stigmas some days.

Instagram; pictured above is Olivia

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