This TikToker Is Raising Awareness About What It’s Like To Live With Diastrophic Dysplasia– A Rare Form Of Dwarfism

Now, her account raises awareness about diastrophic dysplasia and allows followers to ask questions to better understand Isabella’s personal journey.

She has discussed her diagnosis, mental health, dating, and even how she completes different tasks– such as how cooking and driving.

For example, to drive, Isabella has a custom panoramic rearview mirror, extended pedals, and a custom-made driver seat to help make driving accessible and safe. And this is just one example of the numerous informational videos that have made the teen’s follower base fall in love with her.

She has quickly gained over 27.3 million collective likes on TikTok and now has over eight hundred and eighty-seven thousand followers. Isabella could not be more thrilled about this because she simply hopes to make a difference in other people’s lives.

“Ultimately, I want to help and inspire people of all heights and show other little people that they must embrace their differences and never give up or say they cannot do something without trying,” she began.

“The message I want to send is that you cannot change who you are. So, you must embrace it,” Isabella continued.

To support her mission of empowerment and awareness– as well as learn more about the teen herself– you can visit Isabella’s TikTok account linked here.

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