This Tiny 97-Square-Foot Paris Apartment Makes NYC Renters Seem Like They Are Living Large

Last year, an American TikToker who goes by the name of @Shump_ traveled to Paris, France, to become an au pair.

Since making the move abroad, the woman– whose real name has not been revealed– has chronicled her experiences sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife on the social media platform.

But, a recent video showing off her apartment has gone ultra-viral.

And if you think New York City rentals are notorious for being small, just wait until you see this tiny, ninety-seven-square-foot Parisian pad.

The woman’s TikTok was shot from her perspective as she walked through the front door and throughout the apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, you are immediately met with a sink and wall mirror facing the door.

So, whether you are coming back from a long day at work or an evening filled with partying, you must be prepared to face your own reflection.

Afterward, there is a short entryway to the left that leads to the woman’s main bedroom area. On one wall is the TikToker’s “kitchen area,”– which resembles a hotel kitchenette more than anything.

“I have a little stove, a kettle, and a fridge, but that’s about it. I just have dishes stored here [the cabinets],” the woman narrated.

TikTok; pictured above is the view from her little apartment

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