20 Years Ago, This Young Journalist Was Found Assaulted And Strangled In Her Apartment Just 6 Months After Launching Her Career

Jennifer Servo was a Montana native who, from an early age, was recognized for both her free-spirited nature and dedication to leadership.

She was fanatical about The Simpsons, specifically Lisa Simpson, because they both played the saxophone. Jennifer also loved making unconventional crafts and sculptures, such as snow mice, and playing dress-up as a child.

Then, she was nominated for the United States Achievement Academy’s national award in history and government during her time in high school. But Jennifer’s true calling was always writing.

She pursued this passion and studied journalism at the University of Montana, where she grew her portfolio and solidified her future as a reporter.

And following graduation, Jennifer was a top candidate amongst numerous news outlets. Only one was lucky enough to snag the up-and-coming journalist, though– KRBC.

KRBC is a small news station located in Abilene, Texas that wanted to get Jennifer in front of the camera as soon as possible. So, at twenty-two years old, she packed up and moved into a new apartment not far from the station.

To say she was a welcomed addition to the office would be a grave understatement. Jennifer’s coworkers loved her vibrant energy and looked forward to working alongside her every single day.

But, only six months after she began her journalism career, Jennifer’s life was tragically taken from her.

Facebook; pictured above is Jennifer

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