At His Engagement Party, His Mom Stood Up For His Dad’s Mistress, And It Really Upset His Fiancée

Khorzhevska - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Several years back, a young man’s dad had an affair. Although his dad thought he was keeping his mistress on the down-low, everybody knew about what his dad was doing behind his mom’s back.

His dad’s mistress is 15 years younger than his dad, and nobody could believe his dad decided to step out on his mom.

His dad was always the kind of guy to never show any emotion, and he was the talk of the town when everyone found out about his affair.

Then, his dad left his mom, so he could be with his mistress, and his mom handled everything in an impressive way when she was left behind.

“My mom was totally ice cold during all of this, and even as her son, I can’t gauge if it hurt her or not,” he explained.

“She had zero reaction. She’s never said anything bad about him. Even when I tried getting her to open up, she just wouldn’t (but this is around the time I began dating my fiancée, and she doesn’t like her and began to ice me out as well).”

Not too long ago, he got engaged to his fiancée, and around the same time, his dad got engaged to his mistress.

Recently, he had an engagement party, and it was the very first time that his mom, his dad, and his dad’s mistress were all in the same room together.

His fiancée’s mom and all of her friends absolutely hate his dad, and they hate his dad’s mistress, as they are all concerned that their husbands might get ideas to step out on them.

Khorzhevska – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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