He Escaped A Cult With His Fiancée, But Now He’s Thinking He Might Want To Break Up With Her

Anatoliy Karlyuk - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy has been with his fiancée for a decade now, and they both grew up in a cult. They ended up escaping that cult by each other’s sides, and that harrowing experience really did bring them closer together.

Sadly, they’re drifting apart, though, and he might want to break up with her, as he feels she is taking advantage of him at this point in their relationship.

“There is real love between us,” he explained. “Real genuine love. She would never leave me; I can’t imagine her life without me. She’s my best friend.”

“…She’s the only person to…see me for who I am. I am fully aware that if I leave her, nobody else can possibly love me the way she does.”

The highlights of their relationship include him feeling comfortable being himself around her, and he also enjoys that they spend a lot of time doing silly, enjoyable things together.

She’s the kind of woman who is down for an adventure, too, like deciding to drive 6 hours to go visit a statue and then grabbing dinner in a new place.

He knows he won’t be able to find someone else to do things like this with him, and that’s part of the reason why she’s so special to him.

Although he envisioned spending the rest of his life with her, and there are good things in their relationship, the bad is outweighing the good.

In regards to the negative things, they never are intimate, and a major reason for that is how they were raised.

Anatoliy Karlyuk – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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