Her Daughter Said She Wasn’t Going To College, So This Mom Signed Her Up Anyway

Anatoliy Karlyuk - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 40-year-old mom has a daughter who did extremely well in high school. She got straight As, and she knows her daughter is quite smart.

When her daughter said that she had no interest in going to college and instead got a job at a local store, this mom decided to take matters into her own hands.

She simply wasn’t thrilled that her daughter thought it was ok to take a year to just work and hang out with her brand new boyfriend in lieu of pursuing higher education.

“I was very disappointed as I expected better from her,” she explained. “I decided that I cannot let her make that grave mistake, and I applied (in her name) to a university she wanted to go to.”

“She got accepted, and I sorted everything out for her, from accepting the place to sorting out her tuition fees and grants and arranging student accommodation in halls.”

“She just has to pack, and she’s good to go, and that includes money for living that she’ll be getting from me (she doesn’t need a job). What was left was telling her as she would be starting in less than 2 weeks.”

In regards to the subjects she picked for her daughter, she selected creative writing and French, as those are things her daughter is passionate about.

Yesterday, she had a chat with her daughter, and she revealed to her that she had gone behind her back and signed her up for college.

Her daughter was livid with her for signing her up against her wishes. Her daughter ended up screaming at her and hurling some mean words her way.

Anatoliy Karlyuk – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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