He Told His Mom Off For Getting Jealous Over His Fiancée’s Birthday Gift Being A Trip To Paris And A Proposal

This particular issue stems back to his mother’s and Diane’s birthdays– which happen to fall on the same day. Go figure.

And while Diane really could not care less, his mother always acted like it was a massive deal. In fact, she even used to turn the day into a competition to see who got the better birthday gift.

Ever since her apology, though, his mother had been a bit more low-key with her birthday behavior. So, instead of being a full-fledged bully, his mother was more so passive-aggressive– which is still frustrating but a tiny win for him and Diane.

However, his mother apparently acted just like her old self again after their most recent birthday a few months ago.

Since he was unable to celebrate his mother’s birthday on the day of, he ended up treating her to a relaxing spa day and taking her to dinner at an upscale restaurant another day.

And for Diane, he had something extra special in mind. He had known for a long time that he wanted to marry her.

So, he planned a romantic week in Paris and proposed to her on their trip. And, of course, they had an amazing time and left the vacation feeling over the moon.

Afterward, though, his mother did not say anything about the proposal at all. This led him to believe she was either happy or just neutral about the whole thing.

But months have since passed, and just a few days ago, he received a furious call from his mother. She was crying, screaming names at him, and even calling him a terrible son. Then, she had the nerve to wish him a horrible marriage.

What prompted all of this, you might ask? Well, apparently, his mother felt “neglected” on her birthday since he took Diane to Paris on a romantic vacation while she only got his “scraps.”

And understandably, this ridiculous comment seriously upset him. So, he decided to tell his mother off once and for all.

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