Her Sister’s Boyfriend Screamed At Her After She Wouldn’t Give Him The Password To Her Sister’s Safe

JustLife - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl is currently living with her 32-year-old sister Natalie and Natalie’s 36-year-old boyfriend Micah while she finishes her final semester of college.

One thing that Natalie keeps inside their home is a safe, where Natalie has placed her most expensive jewelry, along with some antiques she owns too.

Many of the items that Natalie keeps in the safe happen to be from their grandmother. So, Natalie gave her the password to the safe in the event that she needs to access something, but Natalie made her agree to ask permission first and not share the password to the safe with anyone.

3 days ago, Natalie left home on a girl’s trip, and she will not return for another 2 days. One morning right after Natalie left, Micah approached her and began asking her questions regarding Natalie’s safe.

“I tried to give him one-word answers, and he sensed that I was being “secretive,” but really I was just being straightforward,” she explained.

“He then asked me to give him the password to the safe. I was taken aback I said why and he said that he has always been curious about what’s in there and wanted to get a “quick peek.” I said I didn’t have it, but he told me to quit lying because he heard Natalie say that I could open the safe anytime I wanted.”

“I told him that still, it’s not my property, and I can’t share the password with him. He said it was really not that big deal, but I politely told him no.”

Micah became angry with her, and he stated that he’s Natalie’s boyfriend; meanwhile, she’s only a guest residing in their home.

She told Micah that being a guest has nothing to do with the password to the safe, and he laughed at her before accusing her of being absurd.

JustLife – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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