During The Toast At Her Friend’s Wedding, Everyone Found Out She Was Pregnant, And Then The Crying Bride Asked Her To Leave

Ulia Koltyrina - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A woman used to be super close to her friend named Nancy back when they were both in high school.

After high school, though, they stopped being so close, as their lives took them on different paths.

When Nancy sent her an invitation to her wedding 5 months back, she was completely shocked, as the invitation was unexpected.

She decided to RSVP yes to Nancy’s wedding even though they are no longer close, as they still share a ton of the same friends.

Also, she now lives in another country, so she figured it would be nice to show up at Nancy’s wedding and get to see everyone.

“It was a bit tense on the day of as lots of girls in the bridal party were annoyed with the many requirements to be included- no unnatural hair colors, non-nude nails, plus ones had to be approved by the bride,” she explained.

“As a result, the bridal party was half of its original size. Still included was Nancy’s cousin, who is my best friend, Sara.”

“Everything went well until, at the reception, one of the groomsmen proposed a toast, and Sara gave me a glass of champagne which I quietly declined. She understood what this meant and was aware I’ve unfortunately had a few miscarriages in the first trimesters.”

Sara just could not keep her excitement in, and she started saying congrats and getting louder and louder.

Ulia Koltyrina – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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