He’s Refusing To Help Pay For His Daughter’s College Tuition Until She Tries To Form A Bond With His New Wife And Son

This family divide has even pushed him to invest thousands of dollars in therapy, which he is still paying for.

But, now that Ariel is nineteen, he claims she is just being nasty for the sake of it. And he believes that nothing he says or does will ever change her mind about his family.

Nonetheless, Ariel just recently graduated from high school in May, and now that she is set to attend college this fall, there has been a whole new plethora of problems.

Apparently, when he and Lauren first split up, they decided that they would both split Ariel’s college tuition.

However, when she hosted her high school graduation party in June, Ariel only invited him and not his new wife or son.

He told Ariel how disrespectful that was and refused to attend without his family. So, he just sent a card. Still, though, Ariel apparently did not care, and she had not spoken to him since.

But, just last week, he received a call from Lauren. She claimed to have paid Ariel’s first-semester tuition bill and was wondering when he would be chipping in. So, at that moment, he decided to lay down the law.

“I said I was no longer paying since I will not pull money out of my own household when Ariel is disrespectful to two-thirds of it,” he said.

Lauren apparently freaked out, though, and claimed they had an agreement. In turn, he brought up how Lauren’s father tried to buy out his custody and told her that she could finally get what she always wanted– full control and custody.

He also texted Lauren after the phone call and said that until she set the record straight, both she and Ariel would not be hearing from him.

“I called Ariel and told her the same. I gave the reasons I was not paying and told her she needed to look into loans. But, I would pay for college if she at least tried to form a bond with my family because she created this situation with her attitude,” he vented.

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