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After You Learn About The Chilling History Of The Cecil Hotel, It Might Leave You Up All Night

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Many dream of visiting Los Angeles, California, in hopes of lounging on pristine beaches, enjoying the vibrant nightlife, and possibly spotting some celebs. But, people around the world also know to avoid one infamous dwelling– the Cecil Hotel.

Since its grand opening in 1927, the hotel has been cursed by tragic and mysterious events. To date, at least sixteen different suicides, murders, and bizarre paranormal incidents have occurred within the building.

And now, the Cecil Hotel’s reputation as haunted and chilling has been cemented in horror lore around the globe.

The Cecil Hotel Opened Its Doors In 1927

Hotelier William Banks Harner was the mastermind behind the Cecil Hotel. In 1924, he finished construction on the building that was supposed to be a hub for socialites and international businessmen.

The establishment was fourteen stories high, home to seven hundred rooms, and boasted stained glass windows and marble– costing Harner about one million dollars.

Just two years later, though, the hotelier would come to seriously rue his construction decision– because, by 1929, the world was engulfed by the Great Depression.

Moreover, the affluent Los Angeles area Harner once sought out for the Cecil Hotel came to be frequented by thousands of homeless people and dubbed “Skid Row.”

So, the hotel that was previously known to be luxurious turned into a well-known crime center. Plus, the Cecil Hotel itself soon became known for the many violent acts and deaths that occurred within its four walls.

skvalval – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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