She Never Let Her Mom Know That She Got A Full Ride To Attend College, And Now That Her Mom Found Out, She’s Beside Herself - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

An 18-year-old girl used to live with her mom up until she turned 17. The relationship she has with her mom has always been rocked, but it has only gotten worse and worse as the years have gone by.

The issues she has with her mom stem from her mom’s new husband, who entered her life when she was 8.

“I was several months out from losing my dad, and when she introduced me to her husband (then boyfriend),” she explained.

“I was honest that I did not like her dating. She told me I would come around. But within four months, she left me with a cousin and got engaged to him while his kids were present. I found out because my cousin got a text with a photo of them, and the news had already gone around the rest of my mom’s family and her husband’s family.”

2 years later, her mom got pregnant, and she was literally the last person who learned of this news.

Her mom’s 15-year-old stepson then made her feel even worse by saying that her mom had already done a great job of replacing her deceased dad and that her mom was on the way to replacing her as well.

Her mom and her mom’s new husband did make somewhat of an effort from there to be more inclusive of her, but she was already done.

So, she drifted apart from her mom, and everyone let her just be alone.

“Mom pulled away from me and would then feel bad and try to bond,” she said. “Eventually, I just decided I had lost her because I couldn’t blend with her husband and his kids, and because she would always resent me for that, the way I resented her for moving so fast after dad and putting everyone before me, I moved in with my dad’s parents.” – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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