His Neighbor Kept Sending Her Kids To Hangout In His Garden In Hopes Of Getting Some Free Childcare, So He Threatened To Call CPS On Her

Ekaterina Pokrovsky - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-three-year-old man lives within just one mile of four different elementary schools. So, he is used to seeing a ton of children around his neighborhood.

Plus, he is currently finishing his Ph.D. in plant systematics and has a great garden on his front lawn– which he is often outside working in. And, at some point in the afternoon, a bunch of neighboring kids usually end up joining him on his lawn, too.

“For the most part, it does not bother me. They are all great kids, and they have tons of questions about plants, gardening, composting, all of that good stuff,” he explained.

Plus, since his background is in plants, he honestly loves teaching the kids about them and seeing their little faces light up.

Recently, though, he ran into an issue with a parent that has never happened before.

Basically, he was out gardening one afternoon when, as per usual, a bunch of kids came by. He chatted with them but then finished up gardening a bit earlier than normal. So, afterward, he just went inside.

However, about an hour later, someone began violently banging on his front door. And when he opened it, he was greeted by his furious neighbor.

The neighbor apparently screamed at him for “leaving her kids alone to be kidnapped for an hour,” and he was super confused.

But, after hearing her out, he learned that she would always let her kids outside every day and tell them to go hang out with him while she got stuff done.

Ekaterina Pokrovsky – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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