In 1974, This 14-Year-Old Girl’s Parents Received An Eery Ransom Call After She Traveled To Her First Babysitting Gig And Was Never Seen Again

In 1974, Margaret Ellen Fox of Burlington, New Jersey, had just graduated eighth grade and was eager to begin high school in the fall.

The fourteen-year-old was one of six children and led a very joyous life. Margaret was regarded by her family as humble, loving, and intelligent.

She also loved horseback riding, taking piano lessons, and watching television classics such as “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Maude.”

But, come June of that year, Margaret and her eleven-year-old cousin, Lynne, decided they wanted to try something new– babysitting. During the 1970s, babysitting was the most common way for young women to dip their toes into the workforce and begin earning their own money.

So, on June 18, Margaret and Lynn decided to place an advertisement in the classifieds section of their local paper.

“BABYSITTERS— Experienced. Teen girls. Love kids. Work at your house. Call…” the ad read, followed by the two girls’ phone numbers.

And, to their surprise, Margaret and Lynn both received calls the very next day. Lynn received the first call from a man who wanted a babysitter for his five-year-old son.

But, Lynn’s parents ultimately declined the offer since they were uncomfortable with the job’s distance from their home.

FBI; pictured above is Margaret

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