In May Of 1984, This Long Island Teen Left For School But Never Returned Home: 4 Months Later, She Was Found Rolled Up In A Carpet And Discarded In A Hole

callisto - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

In 1984, fourteen-year-old Laura Parker of Suffolk County, New York, had just entered her freshman year at Lindenhurst High School. She loved playing softball, was an active member of her school’s chorus, and even dreamed about becoming a professional singer one day.

But, by May 25, everything changed for the Parker family.

That spring morning started off just like any other school day for Laura.

Her father, Jim, woke her up for school early at the same time he got ready for work. He knew that Laura liked to have enough time to blow dry her hair before going to school.

Then, at about 5:30 a.m., Jim left for his maintenance shift at JFK airport. And a little while later, Laura left for school. Her mother, Patricia, last saw Laura wearing a white and green striped tank top with “Hang 10” written on it and white jeans.

Laura did arrive at Lindenhurst High School and went through her regular classes that day. But, after she was last seen following the last-period bell, she did not show up for softball practice.

This was very out of character for Laura, who was never known to skip a practice. Plus, after she never returned home that evening, Jim and Patricia became even more alarmed.

So, the following day, the Parkers reported Laura missing to the Suffolk County Police Department.

The Parkers and authorities initiated numerous searches following the report. But, it was not until September 10, 1984, that police officers made a chilling discovery.

callisto – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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