Nicole Mann Is About To Be The Very First Native American Woman To Enter Space

“It is literally 3D printing human cells, which to me sounds so futuristic, right?” she told ICT. Fascinating!

Nicole is married and the “proud parent” of a son. Her family lives in Houston, Texas, and thankfully she will be able to have reminders of them with her on the mission. But not too much, as the spacecraft allows the astronauts to only have 3.3 pounds worth of personal items on board.

“I have some special gifts for my family, which I can’t say because they’re a surprise,” Nicole told ICT. “Definitely taking my wedding rings, and I have this dream catcher that my mother gave me when I was very young.”

This mission is only one of many exciting things happening for Nicole. In December 2020, NASA announced that she would be a part of the Artemis Team, whose mission is to return to the moon. Two out of the 18 astronauts on the mission will be chosen to land on the lunar surface. So yes, there is a slight chance that Nicole could be the first woman to walk on the moon!

“Walking on the lunar surface would be a dream come true for any one of us, and any part we can play in making that happen is an honor,” Nicole told ICT.

“I am proud of this particular group of men and women and know that any of them would do an outstanding job representing NASA and the United States on a future Artemis mission.”

We are so excited for Nicole and are extremely inspired by her story!

To read more about Nicole and her upcoming mission, visit the link here.

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