One Of His Friends Expects Him To Ask His Rich Friends For Money To Help Her Out With Her Pet’s Vet Bills

racool_studio - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A guy has a female friend who owns a pet who is getting up there in age and not doing that well. His friend’s pet has a couple of vet bills that she’s going to need to pay for soon, but the thing is, she doesn’t have the money at all.

So, his friend decided to create a GoFundMe to help her get money to pay her pet’s vet bills, but not a lot of people have donated any money to her cause.

He thinks the reason why nobody is donating is due to the fact that his friend has asked for money twice already this year for her pet.

His friend already needed money for her pet for vet bills she owed not that long ago, so she created a GoFundMe once before.

His friend’s current vet bill is approximately $2,700. Earlier today, his friend sent him a message and brought up that nobody had really donated to her latest GoFundMe for her pet.

She then asked him if he could reach out to some of his “millionaire friends” to see if they would be willing to give her money.

“Now, for context, I don’t talk about money and how much my friends earn, etc., but it seems like she has remembered this from when I was explaining to her how crypto works, and I used one of my friends who made a fair amount on crypto as an example of how it worked and how people make money from it,” he explained.

“Anyway, this whole situation makes me feel really awkward, and I’ve left her message unread on my phone (I was able to read the relatively short message in the notifications without opening it and marking it as read), and I’m panicking a little about how to respond.”

“Also, she has said stuff like this in the past, and I brushed it off as a joke, but it feels like it might not have been a joke the first couple of times now that she is asking me outright.”

racool_studio – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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