She Refused To Upgrade Her Daughter’s Seat On A Plane To Teach Her A Lesson About Their Lifestyle

She relented and decided to book them all seats in the back of the plane for their 10-hour flight.

When they all arrived at the airport, she told her husband that she would meet him at the gate, and in the meantime, she wanted to check out the duty-free section to do a bit of shopping.

As soon as she said that, Meg began berating her for spending money, which began irritating her.

She let Meg know she had to cut it out, and it quickly dawned on her that Meg was going to be acting like this for the entire duration of their vacation.

Then, they made it to check-in for their flight, and the person assisting them said they could upgrade her seat to executive class.

Meg was not pleased with this and made a threat to go on another rant, but this mom had had enough of her.

She told the person that she was happy to upgrade her seats, but instead of asking for 3 seats, she only asked for 2.

She upgraded her seat and her husband’s seat, but she refused to upgrade Meg’s seat too. Meg fell silent as soon as she figured out that she would not be sitting in the same section as her parents.

Meg then wanted to know if she would also be getting an upgrade, but this mom informed Meg that she wasn’t going to spend the next 10 hours listening to her rant about money while she could try to relax and enjoy the flight.

“She started to say we should all stay in economy, and I said no; she got annoyed about it,” she said.

“On the trip, she didn’t enjoy anything and stayed on her cell phone. On the way back, I offered to pay for hers, and she refused.”

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