She Refused To Upgrade Her Daughter’s Seat On A Plane To Teach Her A Lesson About Their Lifestyle

BullRun - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A mom has a daughter named Meg, who is 18, and Meg is really into social causes right now. She attends marches, assists with a couple of NGOs, and helps those who are homeless.

Most recently, though, Meg has taken up an issue with “capital accumulation,” and the thing is, their entire family is really well-off, so you can see how that has created waves between Meg and everyone else.

“My husband and I come from a wealthy background,” she explained. “Although our parents don’t fully help, we know our privileges and the ease with which we can achieve our career and financial success.”

“But Meg doesn’t seem to understand; she often criticizes each more expensive purchase, saying that we could donate this money to people in need. I really understand her ideal, but it gets annoyed all the time and any purchase she’s criticizing.”

“What she also doesn’t understand is with the little of this excess capital of ours, she has the freedom to do this all the time without money stopping her.”

“All the luxuries like an iPhone, car, and money are given to her so she can work as she wants, and we agreed to help when she said she would like to take a gap year to delve into the causes.”

So, she and her husband are funding Meg’s lifestyle with the money that they have, yet Meg is so critical of the wealthy.

A few weeks ago, she and her husband thought it would be nice for their family to take a trip to another country, as they have not traveled at all since before the pandemic.

While she and her husband were organizing the trip, Meg went on and on about how they should not fly business class since it was so expensive, and Meg wanted that money to go to a better cause.

BullRun – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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