She Snapped At Her Best Friend And Called Her Pathetic For Being Into A Guy She Just Met, And Now Her Best Friend Isn’t Speaking To Her

Her best friend thought that sounded like a great plan and agreed to hit the brakes on her dating life for a bit.

But then, her best friend signed up for a dating app and met guy number three. She fell head over heels for this guy after going on one single date.

“She said they have a real connection, and he could be the one,” she added.

“3 days after the date, he texted and said that he is sorry, but he can’t be in a relationship right now.”

“He likes her, but he isn’t mentally ready for commitment and intimacy (he just got through a tough divorce).”

Her best friend was hurt, and she figured it was a good thing this guy was up front before her best friend got too into him.

3 days after her best friend was let down by this guy though, her best friend revealed to her that this guy is the only thing on her mind and she cannot get over the life they could have shared together.

Her best friend mentioned she had a plan to reach out to him and keep speaking to him in an effort to get him to reconsider a relationship.

“I snapped at her,” she continued. “I said: “You are so desperate for a relationship that you would deliberately ruin his mental state. It’s pathetic.”

“You should focus on you and not on boys or relationships. I understand it is hard for you to be alone, but maybe it would do you good.”

“She said I was cruel for calling her desperate and that I shouldn’t push my single life on her. She hung up and isn’t answering my texts.”

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