She Thinks Her Friend Has A Crush On Her Husband And Also Believes Her Husband Might Be Into It

They planned to have their husbands wear them out during a double date as a sort of prank.

But, she had a lingering suspicion that Emily would end up taking the shirt and wearing it herself.

So, she never gave her husband the shirt, and, low and behold, Emily showed up in it.

Nonetheless, it’s not even Emily’s possible feelings for her husband that are making her upset. Instead, she has been worrying about her husband.

“What makes me sad is not that she may have feelings for him, but it’s that if he had the chance, would he go to her?” she said– because honestly, she feels like her husband is attracted to Emily, too.

Apparently, he regarded Emily as a “little sister”– which she believes is a “dead giveaway” excuse that is often used to cover up attractions.

Plus, after she confronted him about all of the random touching incidents, he apparently remembered every single one– which she also thinks is a red flag.

So now, she is just feeling utterly insecure about the entire situation.

“I feel so insecure and pathetic for feeling this way, and I cannot help but feel extremely annoyed with him,” she explained.

“I’m fine with her, which is wrong of me, I know. But, I kind of want to push it and see more of what happens between them to confirm this.”

Nonetheless, she is not sure if that’s the right way to go about the situation.

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