She Told Her Friend It’s Not Her Fault She’s Single After She Made Totally Inappropriate Remarks About Her Marriage

It all began after she and her husband were running a bit late to an outing, where they were supposed to meet up with Nancy and a few other friends. But, it is pretty uncharacteristic for them to run late, so one of her friends decided to crack a joke.

The friend light-heartedly said that the reason she and her husband were late was that they were sleeping together. And at the moment, everyone laughed and started to move on.

But, Nancy then loudly said that “could not be true” since “how would they be intimate considering she’s disabled?” Yikes.

If you could not have guessed it, the room fell totally awkwardly silent after that. Plus, her husband had to butt in and tell Nancy that the details of their intimacy were no one’s concern.

And after hearing her husband’s response, Nancy turned beet red with embarrassment. Thankfully, though, the night did eventually return to normal.

While everyone just hung out, though, Nancy started to get progressively more drunk throughout the evening. Then, she was literally cornered and asked totally inappropriate questions by Nancy in the bathroom.

First, Nancy tried to badger her about how exactly she and her husband slept together. But, she was understandably super uncomfortable and told Nancy to back off.

Nancy did not take the hint, though. Instead, Nancy actually had the nerve to start commenting about her relationship.

“She said it’s ridiculous how someone ‘like me’ ever managed to get with someone like my husband, who is handsome and treats me like a queen, while she, who is ‘normal,’ can’t find a man who wants to commit,” she recalled.

And as if the comments could not get even worse, Nancy then suggested that her husband must be feeling trapped and unsatisfied since she “cannot fulfill her husband’s needs.”

This understandably infuriated her, so she told Nancy off. She said it’s not her fault that Nancy is still single and that perhaps men are pushed away by Nancy’s horrible personality.

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